Welcome, friends! I staked out a little online real estate here to share laughter and words and struggle and my family’s general messy, loud life with you. Bring your messiness too and hopefully we can encourage each other through our wonderfully ordinary days. The life-living business.

I’m a Southern girl at heart – I live in Texas, but grew up in Georgia and have also lived in North Carolina, Tennessee, and Alabama. So yes, I have earned my Southern credibility and thereby the right to smile at strangers, wave to neighbors, and spontaneously hug anyone I want. Consider yourself hugged.

I am married to Tom, an economist who keeps his closet of blue shirts organized and loads the dishwasher with what I can only assume is trigonometry – pretty much the polar opposite of my personality (Me – Math? Next. A perpetually clean closet? PIPE DREAM.) But I love our differences – they add intricacies and flourishes to two people sharing lives – plus it doesn’t hurt that this kind, brilliant, funny, deep man never (NEVER!) gives me a hard time that some nights (ok, *most* nights) he has to take a pile of my clothes off the bed and add it to another pile of clothes on the dresser before going to sleep. (That is love, my friends. Add it to 1 Corinthians 13.)

Take two opposites – lets say hot and cold – put them together, and you will have nice, sweet, obedient, WARM children, right? NOPE. Our hotness scalded and coldness froze, and we ended up with a fiery, feisty, funny crew of strong-willed, lovable, and extremely exhausting children. There are three of these works of art: Ansley (8), Claire (7), and William (4).

I have degrees in journalism and non-profit organizations, and have worked in these fields as well as event management, but I currently stay home and deny the fact that my youngest child is getting older (sorry, future daughter-in-law, he will be cuddled until he is 20), try to get better at this elementary-school-mom thing. And I blog now, too, so there’s that.

So, let’s get started. Oh, and wait, I’ve got a little something here, it’s…BONUS HUG! Gotcha with that one. I’m like a hug ninja.

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